Wyz does Drupal Websites

  • Drupal website development (mainly back end)
    • Website / data structure architecture and setup
    • module development
    • analysis / reengineering of existing websites
    • 3rd party site/network/data integration
    • Data migration
    • Commerce
    • Deployment/configuration management
    • ...anything similar, at your service (as time allows).
  • DevOps + Drupal
    • Small scale managed/VPS hosting
  • Project management / assistance / networking
    • Connecting Drupal projects with capable people willing to do them.
    • Augmenting existing teams as needed.
    • Handling extra / other kinds of work (e.g. front end, design) through trusted peers in the Drupal community, if desired.

(Looking for content not on this website anymore? Contact me. The site's being changed and some older content will return.)