About Wyz

There are no generic sentences starting with 'we' here, padded with stock photos. Wyz is currently a one man company, and the services it provides match my personal interests and the needs of my clients and co workers.

'Me' is Roderik Muit, Drupal developer and 'Project management assistant' in whatever original way my clients / co workers need it.


Wyz is officially located in my hometown of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). I spend a lot of time in Budapest (Hungary) these days.


Drupal. I only do other things if really interesting, and/or requested by my existing clients.

My path as a self employed Drupalist has evolved from 'take everything I can get' to mostly back end work. (Coding custom modules, Drupal Commerce, CTools/configuration management of larger sites, communication with external systems, etc).

Also: 'project management assistant' and 'business conduit'. I help my clients in the Netherlands find work force in Hungary so they can sustain/grow their website business, and help find western partners for my Hungarian Drupal developer colleagues. I do whatever is needed in smoothing the communication between parties, provide guarantees for as long as my Dutch clients feel unsure about the delivery of results they can expect, and do any work that keeps being needed.

Newest development: through and with my friends/colleagues at Cheppers, I'm part of an engineering team at Acquia. This is taking up most of my time since the fall of 2015, for an indefinite time period. Still being self employed officially, I still have and need/want to keep other clients, but my time is limited. We'll see when and how this period ends.