Future expectations / work to take on

(A note: this outlook is obviously skewed somewhat since more than half my time is taken up working internally for Acquia, since the fall of 2015. We'll see when and how I get to concentrate more on the below, and if the Drupal world still feels the same then.)

I expect to keep the independent / agile position of a self employed professional, and keep finding interesting spots in the Drupal world to do work that's rewarding, in whatever way.

The 'project management assistant / organizer' part is dynamic and interesting. (It's also what helped me foster my own company, and keep up with the growth of my largest client.) As a semi temporay role, that is.

I'm open to anything that helps forge good contacts between people/companies, helps the Drupal community grow, and at the same time is rewarding to myself in some way. But only for as long as needed. I don't see myself as a permanent and organized larger-project manager, and do not want to stand in between collaborating parties, any longer than is beneficial to everyone involved.
(Pinning people down with contracts just to stay in between, just feels... uninteresting; there's always enough things to do -and charge for-, anyway. Plus it brings a certain kind of responsibility that I'm not keen on.)

I love the Drupal community spirit and I'd like to contribute more to it. Probably by doing more Drupal/module development that is actually visible. However, the development and 'management assistance' work I do is chaotic enough, to always lack time.

So far, I've mostly contributed fixes/patches to many contrib modules that I used, and most (not all) fully independent modules have stalled on generalizing code, creating documentation, getting maintainer access, etc. I should look into how I can change that in the future.

Location wise, I'm happy in Budapest/Amsterdam and it's useful to be here. My work with existing contacts/clients keeps me fully occupied at the moment. But in the longer term, I'm relatively independent of location. Who knows what adventures lie ahead? I'm open to looking into interesting opportunities, especially in above areas. (Though I will not suddenly break away from existing clients/commitments.)

Maybe you are someone I can work for, together with, and/or connect to other people in my network.